Industry Ready Program - SEED

      This program acts a platform for every student to express oneself. This program provides the much needed motivation & encouragement for each and every individual through various modules that have been designed keeping in mind the educational background, region, medium of study, feedback etc.

      AIM: To discover students inner potential, skills & empowerment.

      Objective: To produce qualified engineers who are excellent employees over above being a Good Citizen.

      The above objective is achieved by imparting education for success in employability by providing state of the art infrastructure and experienced faculty members, by effective training on skill sets as per industry specific modules.

Finishing School

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       Most professionally managed education group powered by Digital Campus

       Interfaced with SMS, Payment Gateway, RFID, Biometrics to GPS

       Digital Campus live Dashboards with analytical & intelligent reports to Parents, Students

       Faculty, Principal & Management

       Digital Campus reduces faculty's administrative work significantly

       Improved interaction between student & faculty, better academics

       College campus goes paperless becomes Green Campus

       Fully integrated campus with all automated processes

      Finishing Campus sets up the Center of Excellence (CoE) at the campus premise to facilitate and mentor the best practices through the IT enabled Digital Platform & Portal to delivery the innovative program. The various program modules are as follows:

Student Engagement and Employability Design [SEED]

      Over 1120 Hrs. of program from 1st Year to Final Year

Year Program Modules
I Yr SEED Lang SkillsPeople SkillsMotivationTeach SkillsMgmt SkillsExpert TalksCounsellingAssessmentProjects
II Yr I-sem ROOT Lang Skills People SkillsAppt SkillsMotivationTech SkillsMgmt SkillsExpert TalksCounsellingAssessment
II Yr II-sem STEM Lang SkillsPeople SkillsAppt SkillsMotivationTech skillsMgmt SkillsExpert TalksCounsellingAssessmentProjects
III Yr I-sem BRANCH Lang SkillsPeople SkillsAppt SkillsMotivationTech SkillsMgmt SkillsJob TalksExpert TalksCounsellingAssessment
III Yr II-sem TREE Lang SkillsPeople SkillsAppt SkillsMotivationTech SkillsMgmt SkillsJob TalksExpert TalksCounsellingAssessmentProjects
IV Yr I-sem FLOWER Lang SkillsPeople SkillsMotivationTech SkillsMgmt SkillsJob SkillsExpert TalksCounsellingAssessment
IV Yr II-sem FRUIT MotivationTech SkillsMgmt SkillsJob SkillsExpert TalksCounsellingProjects

The program is designed to enable the student to craft a career for life with alignment of his/her passion with the profession and it is made possible through this well researched and designed 20 Track Program.

      The program is delivery a highly competent team operating from the CoE at the campus premise and the structure is as follows :

SEED - Delivery Team Structure