Master of Business Administration

Department Overview 

The department of Master of Business Administration at St.Mary’s Group of Institutions, Hyderabad was started in the year 1997. The Department of Master of Business Administration was initiated with an objective of producing Young Management Executives with global standards. The commitment is thought leadership with a deep understanding of business dynamics. Major functional areas of Digital Marketing, Big Data Analytics and AI ML & DL are offered .
The department maintains high standards in conducting lectures by academicians, Industrial tours, Personality development programmes, Case studies and Guest lecturers from Industry experts and instrumented feedback with a strong emphasis on concepts and theory.
Our Department aims to be recognized as State-of-the art infrastructure with latest technology, to facilitate and practice effective teaching learning process through experienced faculty with research experience & powerful corporate network of experts..

The department also focuses meticulously structured programme which helps students to learn:

  • Values Based Education
  • Global Management Perspective
  • Analytical and Integrative Thinking
  • Team Building and Communication
  • Functional Competency
  • Its main focus is to bridge the academic and corporate world and will indeed carve a niche for itself in the industry through campus training programs. It contributes for producing complete Management Professionals an exhaustive idea of what skills & knowledge is actually required by the Industry and thus makes the students job ready from the day one of their bright career. The department mainly emphasis towards entrepreneurship and strives creating innovative and socially responsible entrepreneurs.
    Various management fests and cultural programmes are organized in Department which are not only a celebration of student life but also help students build their organizational skills, technical knowledge, Public relations, budgeting, marketing, team spirit, stress management and networking skills etc.

    "MBA at St.Marys is truly an inspirational platform to bring your talent to the fore."


    To generate and transmit knowledge as well as to develop skills & abilities for Managerial Excellence in Business Endeavour’s and fostering towards changing digital data driven world.


    To be the destination for key stakeholder’s viz. students, faculty, organizations and community by designing and delivering cutting-edge of management programs in a learning environment that develops leaders in digital data driven towards innovative & result-oriented. 

    Head of the Department


    The department is headed by Mr. Sura Govardhan. He has an overall experience of 23 years in academics. He has been with St. Mary’s Group of Institutions, Hyderabad since 2010, and before more than a decade worked in various reputed institutions. He is always willing to learn E -Finance operations.
    He is a keen Researcher Scholar in Management related. He has presented several articles in ISSN and ISBN and also attended National conferences, Workshops & Seminars, Paper setter, worked as NAAC coordinator to his credit.
    He has served the institution in diverse roles and headed several committees His passion for academics drove him to choose a teaching career. His academic expertise in Accounting, Financial Management, Securities Management, capital markets, Derivatives, FDI, Banking, Taxation Related Direct Taxation and GST etc. He is acting as a councilor for different state owned universities. His motto is to face the contemporary case studies in finance related.

    S.No Name Designation Qualification Exp (yrs) JNTU REG - Number Photograph
    1 Dr.K.Kamalahas Professor, Principal MBA, M.Phill, Ph.D 13 8554-150414-152655
    2 Mr.T.Phanindra Assoc.Professor MBA 10 2933-150415-125740
    3 Mr.P.Sai Kumar Asst.Professor MBA, MSc, (PhD) 10 0721-150413-165110
    4 Mr S Govardhan Asst.Professor M.Com.,MBA, (Ph.D) 5 3290-150414-140557
    5 Mr.M.Bhargavi Asst.Professor MBA 5 5510-160219-144826
    6 Mr.Syed Muneeb Vasti Asst.Professor MBA 4 1849-170213-121040
    7 Ms K Sony Asst.Professor MBA 3 9379-180215-161619
    8 Ms Parameshwari Asst.Professor MBA 2 6879-190110-145517
    9 Mrs G Umarani Asst.Professor MBA 2 8255-180421-143234
    10 Mrs.K.Mamatha Asst.Professor MBA 1 6289-160302-121428
    11 Miss.A.Sudha Asst.Professor MBA 1 4616-160210-144739
    12 Mr.Y.Surender Reddy Asst.Professor MBA 1 9696-160209-123350
    13 Mr.B Kondal Goud Asst.Professor MBA 1 6194-160219-150251
    14 MrA Amar Asst.Professor MBA 0 1603-160210-102018
    15 Mr P Srikanth Asst.Professor MBA 0 0840-200626-120036
    16 Mr.Ch.Srishailam Asst.Professor MBA 1 4237-150413-142559
    17 Mr.S.Mallesha Asst.Professor MBA 1 2310-150413-170844
    18 Mr.Y.Raghumaa Reddy Asst.Professor MBA 1 1156-150413-202842
    19 Mr.M.Yadagiri Reddy Asst.Professor MBA 1 0866-150414-124016
    20 Mr.D.Kumar Asst.Professor MBA 1 2178-160208-125434
    21 Mrs.B Mamatha Asst.Professor MBA 1 6252-160208-113633
    22 Mr.V.Krishna Asst.Professor MBA 1 4782-160209-125432
    23 Mr A Madhava Reddy Asst.Professor MBA 0 5285-200626-121212
    24 Mrs C Rajini Asst.Professor MBA 0 3075-201107-151915
    25 Mr L Srinivas Asst.Professor MBA 0 4311-150413-140753