Ragging is Prohibited  

Ragging in any form inside or outside the college campus is banned / prohibited vide Prohibition of Ragging in Educational Institutions Act passed by the Parliament. Ragging means doing an act that causes or is likely to cause insult or annoyance or fear or apprehension, threat or intimidation or outrage of modesty or injury to a student. Those who indulge in this uncivilized activity are liable for severe disciplinary actions besides being liable for prosecution.

S.No Nature of Ragging Punishment
01 Teasing, Embarrasing and Humilating Imprisonment upto 6 months or fine upto Rs.1000/- or both
02 Assaulting or using criminal force or criminal intimidation Imprisonment upto 1 year or fine upto Rs.2000/- or both
03 Wrongfully restraining or confining or causing hurt Imprisonment upto 2 years or fine upto Rs.5000/- or both
04 Causing grievous hurt, kidnaping, raping or committing unnatural offence Imprisonment upto 5 years or fine upto Rs.10,000/- or both
05 Causing death or abating suicide Imprisonment upto 10 years or fine upto Rs.50,000/- or both


  • Student convicted of any above offences, will be dismissed from the college.
  • A student imprisoned for more than 6 months for any of the above offences will not be admitted in any other college.
  • A student against whom there is prima-facie evidence of ragging in any form will be suspended from the college immediately.

  • To curb the practice of ragging on the pretexhut of interaction, the students are instructed not to meet the seniors and engage in any sort of conversation. The students are instructed not to spend their time with seniors even if they are known or related to them. However a friendly interaction is allowed under the presence of a senior faculty member.
  • Outsiders are prohibited from entering the college premises without permission.
  • All students must carry their identity cards and show them when demanded.
  • The principal and staff will visit and inspect the hostel rooms at any time.
  • Girl students must be in their hostel rooms before 7 p.m.
  • Suspended students are debarred form entering the campus except when required to attend to submit an explanation.
  • Ragging invokes suspension and dismissal from the college.
  • Ragging entails heavy fines or imprisonment.
  • Any issues or situations, if noticed, please inform the Ragging Committee member of your college.
  • Ragging Hotline Telephone # 1-800-180-5522