Department of Science & Humanities

Department Overview 

The Department of Humanities and Sciences is multidisciplinary comprising Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and English disciplines as Basic Sciences which lay foundation for Engineering & Technology courses. Department of H & S has Qualified, Experienced, Technically strong and Research Oriented faculties in which 2 Doctorates, 1 Associate Professor & 24 Assistant Professors (5 members have registered for Ph.D from prestigious & Recognized Universities). The highly qualified, experienced and goal oriented members of the staff guide the I year students in curricular and co-curricular activities. The department ensures the consolidation of attendance and maintenance of Parent – Teacher communications of all the I year students throughout the year. 
The department aims at blending OUTCOME BASED EDUCATION with VALUE BASED EDUCATION.  Keeping in tune with the ever-growing technology, the department strives to offer the best utilizing the latest technological trends in teaching.

Programme on Online Teaching using Microsoft TEAMS : Faculty Training sessions on functionalities and Utilization of Microsoft Teams App to upgrade Technical skills for effective Online Teaching Mechanism.

Department of Mathematics : 

Mathematics and Science are of paramount importance for an aspiring Engineer as they both are integral part of Engineering.  Mathematics, particularly, helps us to establish relationships among different quantities. To impart this knowledge, the department with its rich experience, extensively engage in introducing realistic application of Mathematics in related sciences and enabling the students to appreciate the intrinsic aspects of Mathematics. The faculty plays a great role in making the students proficient in problem solving capability and thereby building their confidence.   

Department of Physics : 

Equipped with the best laboratory, the department has the experienced and qualified faculty guiding the students. The students learn and experience the nuances of Physics and realize how it is an inalienable  part of any engineering discipline. 

Engineering /Applied Physics Lab : Spacious, well ventilated & fully equipped Laboratory to demonstrate and practice Physics Experiments on Experiment wise and Batch wise so that every student will get an opportunity to do each and every experiment recommended by the University in the Curriculum.

Department of Chemistry : 

Chemistry allows the budding up engineers to understand a specific aspect of science and serves as the foundational building block for most Engineering disciplines. The department has been instrumental in imparting knowledge in the core science subject over the years. Aided by a group of extremely competent teachers and staff the department puts in its best efforts to impart value based technical education to the future engineers. The application of various instrumental methods in analyzing the chemical compounds improves the student’s understanding of theoretical concepts.  

Engineering Chemistry Lab : Spacious, well ventilated & fully equipped Laboratory (which includes powerful exhaust fans to pump out evolved gasses with in less time and own set up to prepare Distilled water for solvents) to demonstrate and practice Chemistry Experiments Batch wise so that every student will get an opportunity to do each and every experiment recommended by the University in the Curriculum.

Department of English: 

English has emerged as a global language and a language of opportunities. The future Engineers need to equip themselves with the essential language skills. Hence, the English department plays a pivotal role in building, developing and fine-tuning the student’s communicative abilities and power of expression. The interactive sessions  at the spacious CALL (Computer Assisted Language Learning) Lab enablethe participants to shed their inhibition and present themselves more expressively. And the conducive ambience of the lab facilitates the learning happen in a pleasurable and pressure-free environment. The Phonetics course helps them correct their pronunciation and reduce the MTI (Mother Tongue Influence). Students are also groomed  to get ready for the Placement drive in the final year. 

The Department of S&H teaches & trains the first year Engineering students offering multidisciplinary subjects & Basic Sciences. The highly competent and experienced members of faculty function together as a unit headed by “Highly efficient Administrator with 20 years of Experience and Expertise as an Asst. Professor in Mathematics & Head of the Department at several reputed Organizations. Dr. K.V.RAVI KUMAR, holds Ph. D. in Applied Mathematics (Space Science - Celestial Mechanics) from Osmania University, Hyderabad”.

Head of the Department


  • Mobile: +91 63010 36594
  • Email :
  • TEACHING EXPERIENCE: 20 YEARS as Head S & H in St. Mary’s Group of institutions Hyderabad
  • Ph.D in Applied Mathematics from Osmania University, Hyderabad.
  • Research Activity:

  • Awarded Ph.D. from Osmania university (Part time, 2019).
  • Published an article in an International Journal.
  • Presented oral paper in an International Conference 2015 held at MANUU, Hyderabad.
  • Research articles are in communication.
  • Academic Highlights:

  • Experience in NAAC work.
  • In the year 2012, M.Sc. student secured “GOLD MEDAL” awarded by O.U.
  • In the year 2016, M.Sc. student secured “Rank 2” @ O.U. level.
  • Many students secured 100% (paper wise) in Maths (@ U.G, P.G level) and many more are placed in various organizations.
  • Students trained to teach various levels and employed as faculty @ Sujatha College.
  • S.No Name Designation Qualification Exp (yrs) JNTU REG - Number Photograph
    1 Dr.K Venkata Ravi Kumar HEAD & Asst. Professor M.Sc(Maths), Ph.D (Osmania) 20 4581-170913-115908
    2 Dr K Murali Assoc. Professor M.A(English), M. Phil, Ph.D (HCU); B.Ed 8 0133-150415-144237
    3 Mr R Srinivas Asst. Professor M.Sc(Statistics), M.Phil, M.Tech (CSE), M.B.A. 20 7677-180709-141517
    4 Mr. M. Sateesh Asst. Professor M.Sc(Maths),M. Phil, B. Ed. 17 3903-150412-154511
    5 Mrs J V Mahalaxmi Asst. Professor M.Sc(Maths), B.Ed. 13 7122-150412-152229
    6 Mrs S Radhika Asst. Professor M.Sc(Maths), B.Ed. 13 35150404-124020
    7 Mr B Linga Swamy Asst. Professor M.Sc(Maths), TS SET - 2014, B.Ed. 12 0286-160311-101740
    8 Mrs D Madhvi latha Asst. Professor M.Sc(Maths), B.Ed. 5 61150407-151732
    9 Ms G Swetha Asst. Professor M.Sc(Maths), B.Ed. 3 5467-160112-115949
    10 Mr. B. Rajender Reddy Asst. Professor MSc(Physics), M.Tech , B.Ed. 20 7715-150412-151637
    11 Mr. G.Ranga Raju Asst. Professor M.Sc(Physics), M.Phil, CSIR-UGC NET, B.Ed 16 3222-150412-162510
    12 Mr. K.Rama Rao Asst. Professor M.Sc(Electronics), B. Ed 13 5879-150414-153018
    13 M Radha Reddy Asst. Professor MSc(Physics) 10 7108-150411-102812
    14 Mr S Ramu Asst. Professor M.Sc(Physics) 1 5009-190828-153145
    15 Ms N Laxmi Asst. Professor M.Sc(Physics) 1 2344-190830-105948
    16 Ch Bhavana Rushi Asst. Professor M.Sc(Chem) 13 1092-160129-100238
    17 Mrs Ch Swathi Asst. Professor M.Sc(Chem) 11 64150406-153406
    18 Mrs.L Raga Lakshmi Asst. Professor M.Sc(Chem), B.Ed. 9 7320-160219-141411
    19 Mr V Krishna Prakash Asst. Professor M.Sc.(Chem), M.A (Eng), B.Ed 7  
    20 Mr V Prashanth Asst. Professor M.Sc(Chem) 6 4092-170110-125241
    21 Mr P Ramesh Asst. Professor M.Sc(Chem) 1 4589-190829-111042
    22 Mr K Sudhakar Asst. Professor M.A(English), B. Ed. 25  
    23 Mr. S.Chakradhar Raju Asst. Professor M.A(English), B.Ed., PGDTE (EFLU) 23 1293-150412-163028
    24 Mr. M.Subba Raju Asst. Professor M.A(English), B.Ed 20 1811-160211-111112
    25 Mr.M. Shankar Asst. Professor M.A(English), B. Ed. 12 4171-160219-110939
    26 Mr.P Murali Krishna Asst. Professor M.A(English), M.B.A 7 5701-160219-125603
    27 Ms B Mahalaxmi Asst. Professor M.A(English), B. Ed. 1 9827-190828-151554
    28 Mr.K Krishna Swamy Asst. Professor MBA 4 9326-170212-132629
    29 Mrs T Hari Meena Asst. Professor MBA 3 0138-171223-132822
    30 Mr. G.Nagaraju Asst. Professor M.Tech(ECE) 13 2216-150413-110009
    31 Mr. M. Booro Naik Asst. Professor M.Tech(ECE) 6 2184-150413-194947
    32 Mr V Madhusudhan Asst. Professor M.Tech(ECE) 2 1806-170914-113317
    33 Mr P srinu Asst. Professor M.Tech(ECE) 2 6007-170915-170539
    34 Mr.R.Srikanth Reddy Asst. Professor M.Tech(CSE) 10 0752-160209-120257
    35 Mr. R. Chaitanya Kumar Asst. Professor M.Tech(CSE) 7 6246-150425-165730
    36 Mr Ch Pandu Asst. Professor M.Tech(CSE) 8 04150404-162150
    37 Mrs S Kavitha Asst. Professor MCA 5 3876-160302-105834
    38 Mr.B.Yellaiah Asst. Professor M.Tech(ME) 5 5352-160307-015954
    39 Mr.P Venkateswar Reddy Asst. Professor M.Tech(ME) 4 2434-170211-135758
    40 Mr M Ravinder Asst. Professor M.Tech(ME) 4 4930-170105-115703
    41 Mr Md Rafi Asst. Professor MBA 5 4840-160304-150850
    42 Mr J Suryam Yadav Asst. Professor M.Tech(ME) 0 5566-180212-144537
    43 Mrs.D Asha Asst. Professor MBA 4 6195-170212-131213