Pharmacy Department Overview 

St.Mary’s Pharmacy College was established in the year 2008, as per norms of AICTE and PCI. The college is affiliated to Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad and  offers B.Pharmacy programme and M.Pharmacy programme in Pharmaceutics and Pharmacology. The campus is spread over in 120 acres of land in a calm and natural habitat. The college is well equipped with smart class rooms, creates digital online teaching and learning platform using Microsoft Teams, state-of-art laboratories, library, sophisticated Animal house and herbal garden. Our salient features are a potentially dedicated Faculty, latest teaching methods, remedial coaching, training for competitive exams, active placement cell, facilities for personality development, soft skills and extra and co-curricular activities   


To evolve as one of the top institutions in creating self-reliant pharmacists of global repute through pharmacy education.  


To strive towards excellence in the field of higher education and research in Pharmaceutical Sciences and to be one of the principal sources of professional manpower in the field, for strengthening the Indian Pharma industry in obtaining quality products at affordable prices.    

Programme Educational Objectives 

  • PEO1 Pharmaceutical Knowledge:  Pharmacy students will be trained to acquire good theoretical knowledge and practical skills in various subjects of Pharmaceutical sciences and they will be able to apply this knowledge in Pharmaceutical Industry, research, academia, Pharmaceutical marketing, Hospitals and to manage wholesale, retail Pharmacies and community health services.  
  • PEO2 Professional Attitude:  Students of Pharmacy are encouraged to inculcate the current knowledge, changes in technology, continuous upgrading of professional information.  
  • PEO3 Training for Elevation in Career:  Students of Pharmacy will be guided to appear for various competitive exams like GPAT, PGECET etc., and trained by providing effective communication skills, team work skills, life skills etc., so that they will inculcate innovation, research, critical thinking and scientific temperament.  
  • PEO4 Promotion of Skill Development:  Students are motivated to demonstrate their skills in providing quality pharmaceuticals, drug information and therapy including legal and ethical aspects  
  • Programme Outcomes

    Graduates will be able to:
  • 1. Pharmacy Knowledge: Possess knowledge and comprehension of the core and basic knowledge associated with the profession of pharmacy, including biomedical sciences; pharmaceutical sciences; behavioural, social, and administrative pharmacy sciences; and manufacturing practices.
  • B. Planning Abilities: Demonstrate effective planning abilities including time management, resource management, delegation skills and organizational skills. Develop and implement plans and organize work to meet deadlines.
  • C. Problem analysis: Utilize the principles of scientific enquiry, thinking analytically, clearly and critically, while solving problems and making decisions during daily practice. Find, analyze, evaluate and apply information systematically and shall make defensible decisions.
  • D. Modern tool usage: Learn, select, and apply appropriate methods and procedures, resources, and modern pharmacy-related computing tools with an understanding of the limitations.
  • E. Leadership skills: Understand and consider the human reaction to change, motivation issues, leadership and team-building when planning changes required for fulfillment of practice, professional and societal responsibilities. Assume participatory roles as responsible citizens or leadership roles when appropriate to facilitate improvement in health and wellbeing.
  • F. Professional Identity: Understand, analyze and communicate the value of their professional roles in society (e.g. health care professionals, promoters of health, educators, managers, employers, employees).
  • G. Pharmaceutical Ethics: Honour personal values and apply ethical principles in professional and social contexts. Demonstrate behavior that recognizes cultural and personal variability in values, communication and lifestyles. Use ethical frameworks; apply ethical principles while making decisions and take responsibility for the outcomes associated with the decisions.
  • Head of the Department


  • Mobile: +91 92909 60257
  • Email : 
  • Research and Publications : 1 INTERNATIONAL , 6 NATIONAL PUBLICATIONS 
  • D.Swetha, Associate professor  & HOD of Pharmacy, has completed M-Pharmacy in 2008 from Osmania University and registered her PhD from Annamalai University.  She has around 8 years of teaching experience. She has published 6 research articles in national and 1 international journals and presented papers in various conferences. Her area of research includes Synthesis of heterocyclic compounds, evaluation of pharmacological activity, molecular docking. She is actively involved in organizing workshops and seminars. 

    S.No Name Designation Qualification Exp (yrs) JNTU REG - Number Photographs
    1 Mrs D Swetha Reddy Asst. Professor (PhD) 8 5284-150413-104014
    2 Mrs P Roja Asst. Professor M.Pharmacy (PhD) 8 7718-160216-115421
    3 Mr S Sathish Asst. Professor M.Pharmacy (PhD) 8 4782-150408-154243
    4 Mr. B Sathish Asst. Professor 6 2565-150407-204049
    5 Mrs V Priyanka Asst. Professor 6 1221-170522-123329
    6 Mr N Shiva Krishna Asst. Professor M.Pharmacy (PhD) 6 3346-150519-175531
    7 Mrs Ch Lavanya Asst. Professor M.Pharmacy 6 3199-170127-111916
    8 Mr B Srikanth Asst. Professor M.Pharmacy 5 9322-150411-113832
    9 Mrs K Anusha Asst. Professor 4 1228-160215-160446
    10 Mr B Kranthi mKumar Asst. Professor 4 3368-160524-143824
    11 Mra T K M Sravanthi Asst. Professor 4 9056-170209-000112
    12 Ms B Aparna Asst. Professor 4 0761-170914-110929
    13 Mr. M Ramalingaiah Asst. Professor 4 9602-160217-153215
    14 Mrs Momin Shabana Asst. Professor M.Pharmacy 4 6379-170213-205846
    15 Mrs B Sravya Asst. Professor M.Pharmacy 4 3349-170915-112137
    16 Ms. M Sukeerthi Asst. Professor 3 1174-170914-104743
    17 Mr Srivathsava Asst. Professor 3 5089-160309-105936
    18 Mrs R Rajini Asst. Professor 2 1962-180420-192933
    19 Ms M Madhuri Reddy Asst. Professor M.Pharmacy 2 2948-190110-152124
    20 Mr P Sravan Kumar Asst. Professor M.Pharmacy 2 5710-190504-182010
    21 Ms R Gangajala Asst. Professor M.Pharmacy 1 3249-190829-101847
    22 Ms Ch Anusha Asst. Professor M.Pharmacy 1 3214-190829-103051
    23 Ms B Archana Asst. Professor M.Pharmacy 1 4217-190829-105758
    24 Ms. P Chandana Asst. Professor M.Pharmacy 2.5 5193-160219-143713
    25 Mr Kumbala Dinakar Asst. Professor M.Pharmacy 0 1687-180215-152225

    Department of Pharmacology

    Pharmacology is the branch of medicine concerned with mechanism of action, therapeutic uses, adverse effects and drug interactions. The pharmacology lab consists of various equipment, such as Rota Rod, Electro-convulsiometer, Analgesiometer, Histamine chamber and Actophotometer etc., where students learn to investigate the activity of various drug samples on isolated and whole animal preparations.
    Human Anatomy and Physiology of human body is also studied with the help of charts, models including human skeleton and various types of apparatus.