Microsoft Teams for Digital Delivery

We at St. Mary’s Group of Institutions Hyderabad keep our staff and students collaborating and communicating throughout the day using Microsoft Teams. Our college has given Microsoft Office 365 accounts to all the students and the staff. We therefore use Microsoft Teams a free virtual meeting product to keep our students and staff collaborating and communicating during the coronavirus pandemic also. We designed a Teaching Learning Cycle to continue the teaching learning process in online mode.

The following is the Teaching Learning Cycle:

The components of the Teaching Learning Cycle are:

  • Plan
  • Teach
  • Assess
  • Analyze
  • Adapt
  • Plan: Once a faculty is assigned to a particular course the process of the teaching learning cycle starts. The faculty creates a class team using Microsoft Teams consisting of himself and the students attending the course. The faculty then prepares his lecture notes and assignments using the OneNote app and Quizzes using Microsoft Forms.

    Teach: The teaching happens in both online and offline mode depending on the requirement. The teaching in the online mode is done through video conferencing in the class team of the Microsoft Teams app. While the lectures happen through video coferencing the lecture notes prepared by the faculty is shared to all the students in the student class notebook in Microsoft Teams app.

    Assess: The assessment is done for each unit of the course. The students answer the assignments and quizzes already prepared by the faculty in their class notebook provided in the Microsoft Teams class team.

    Analyze: The analysis of the course is done by observing the performance of the faculty and the students. Feedback is taken from the student at the appropriate time to help the faculty in understanding the requirements of the students as far as the course is concerned.

    Adapt: Once the analysis of the feedback is done the suggestions from the students and other senior faculty members are adopted by the faculty and changes are made to the course plan and teaching methodology if required.